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طريقة تحضير القهوة اداة الايروبريس

Aeropress, which means (pneumatic pressure) is a tool used to prepare coffee by press. To prepare coffee using this tool, coffee beans should be soaked from 10-50 seconds, and then the piston is pressed to extract coffee. “Aeropress” is ideal for coffee lovers, and for those who are looking for a soft and rich cup of coffee, without extreme acidity or excessive bitterness. Annual “barista” championships are on this tools are held and baristas compete in preparing coffee with this tool internationally or locally. That this tool has certain methods and technique for preparing coffee with it,

We will mention the recipe for preparing coffee with this tool in the following:

Recipe for preparing coffee with Aeropress tool

  • 18 grams of coffee
  • Grinding medium soft
  • Preparation time 40 seconds
  • Water temperature 90°C


Put the filter in the lid and drench it with hot water, after which the water used is discarded making sure that the filter is stable. Then add the ground coffee inside the “Aeropress”, then moisten the coffee with about 30 ml of water and wait for 10 seconds, move the coffee in a circular manner for 10 seconds, and then complete the filtration process by adding 200 ml of water close the tool and turn over the tool. Press slowly for 20 seconds until the extraction process is finished.

preparing coffee with Aeropress tool

And do not forget that your choice of the right type of coffee in the preparation of coffee with the aerobic tool is very important, especially when the coffee is of high quality, and also the appropriate grinding of the tool. You can know the types of grinding from here.  And the distinctive thing in the aerobic tool is that you can prepare coffee with it anywhere and it is portable.  Temperature meter and tool is very essential withal, and you can know the preparation of coffee with other tools such as Chemex or V60.


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