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Who is the barista?

The term barista is Italian and means coffee maker, and in many countries a baristas must join intensive courses in preparing coffee types, where annual championships are held around the world for baristas in different countries in order to highlight their abilities in the preparation and presentation of coffee. Moreover, the coffee maker must be fully aware of the information about the way to prepare coffee types professionally, must be accurate in all details, and there are small details in making the perfect cup of coffee, and if it is not accurate the delicious taste changes to an unpalatable taste.


Barista Skills

The skills of preparing hot and cold drinks in specialized coffee are one of the arts that few baristas master and the skills of the art of making coffee from that magical substance capable of improving the beginnings of our day.  Each sip takes us to an endless euphoria, starting with its smell that permeates the cells of our sensation and ending with the pleasure of its taste. The professional and experienced barista is the one who has the passion of making and serving coffee, he is the one responsible and optimal to collect the ingredients of happiness and put them in a cup that is served elegantly to show the cup of coffee as a carefully drawn painting. He represents  the expert who is comparable to the strongest of psychology books and surpasses them once he prepares a tasty charming cup of coffee that help you overcome  fatigue and filter the mood, one of the most prominent skills of a barista is to steam the right milk and make a perfect foam for milk and lightness of hand in drawing on the cup of coffee and first of all the preparation of the finest espresso cup so that the cup of coffee served is perfect and wonderful with the addition of milk creatively.

Barista Skills

How to be a professional barista?

All baristas are chosen through a specialized professional training program in perfect coffee-making courses or through their work experience or learning through practice. Many barista coffee makers are proud of their skill in preparing coffee which they have worked hard to acquire over many years with a lot of effort. When applying for work the novice barista undergoes intensive training guided by the more experienced former baristas to hone their manual skills, and to gain the best experience in using multiple and complex machines and the acquisition of in-depth and accurate knowledge of the ingredients and methods of preparing  served milk drinks. All commercial places for the preparation of coffee are mostly successful because of the skillful barista hired; it is he who makes a difference in what he offers from the best steaming of milk or preparation of filtered coffee or preparation of complex espresso coffee. Moreover, the culture of teaching coffee preparation varies from one place to another; still we may not differentiate in the flavor of the cup prepared with excellent coffee crops. After all, what you need is a cup that suits your great mood.

Barista tools

Barista tools for coffee are one of the most important preparation supplies in the world of specialty coffee and beverages. There is a set of tools, starting with the intermediate machine in the preparation of coffee such as filtration tools including the v60 tool or the Chemex tool and its own paper filters, and then the preparation tools such as a bowl or a steaming pot of milk (Picher or Patcher) and the sizes of the picher and shape of its head whether it is pointed or curved. The tools for preparing drinks in espresso machines (Espresso) like Tamper which means piston and whether the  portafelter  is open or not, portafill dispenser, scale to calculate the amount of extraction, and special towels. All of the previous are auxiliary tools for the coffee maker in the preparation of successful coffee and good extraction, and do not forget the good appearance of the barista with appropriate clothes such as the barista apron and the logos that are placed on a broaches on the barista shirt are all important in attracting  customers. Also, equipment and tools and everything that the barista needs in all the ways must be provided in order to perform his work as fine as wanted.

Barista tools

How much is a barista paid?

The salaries of barista jobs range from 4,000 Saudi Riyals to 6,000 Riyals, and may reach 8,000 Riyals in some companies and cafes. Now the barista jobs are one of the most demanded and needed jobs in the Saudi labor market, because of the abundance of specialized cafes and roasters and the lack of baristas and workers in this field. The barista or coffee maker works in selling types of coffee.

What are the functions of the barista?

The functional tasks of the barista are to receive, prepare and serve coffee in general, and this varies according to each country.  The term barista in Italy for example means the bartender in a bar who prepares and serves all kinds of drinks. And in the United States the function of hospitality and nice reception. In Saudi Arabia it means a specialized coffee maker, that is,  his main tasks are to prepare coffee and serve coffee drinks of all kinds, whether  in distilleries  coffee or espresso preparation.

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