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Clever Tool

The clever invention (Cleaver’s coffee funnel) is one of the smart tools. It is simple and one of the easiest tools for distillation where it combines the preparation of coffee by the method of soaking and filtration when emptying the coffee as coffee and water are soaked together at some point of the preparation and then release a stopper at the bottom to begin emptying and pouring the coffee while filtering it using paper filters. Preparing coffee with this tool is not as difficult as you might expect and can be prepared at home or in commercial places to prepare coffee. Using it, Cleaver allows for distillation control and manual methods of coffee preparation

Clever Design

Customers now have a  smarter tastes and shopping concepts and our new era have become more advanced and aim is to achieve pleasure in the customer in the first place. The customer is always waiting and expecting the new, and Cleaver comes as the unique solution that offers you this and more,in the field of coffee. Design Cleaver Smart Funnel is one of the most beautiful and smartest cones, made of reinforced plastic, heat resistant and it  comes with a lid to maintain the temperature, in addition to the funnel filters used in the process of preparation by fermentation and by the method of soaking coffee.

Recipe for Coffee Preparation with Clever

Clever Smart is one of the coffee tools for distillation and easy to prepare, and we will mention one recipe to prepare a cup of coffee with this tool in the following:

  • 20 g coffee
  • Water temperature 90 ° C
  • Medium grinding
  • Ratio 15:1


Weigh 20 grams of coffee and grind it to a medium degree, put special  filter “Cleaver” pad on top of the funnel Put some hot boiling water once on the tool “Cleaver” to wash the filter then  to heat the tool a little before use, then pour it. That’s to help remove the taste in the paper for filtration, then put the ground coffee on top of the filter, and start the first pour by moistening through pouring 70 ml of water for 35 seconds evenly. The second pour non-stop up to 230 ml of water, close the lid of the tool and put a timer for 3 minutes before placing it on the cup, then place the tool on the jug or extraction bowl to control the extraction and once placed the flow and extraction of the quantity in the cup will take place.

Recipe for Coffee Preparation with Clever

Tips in preparation

The preparation of coffee should be so accurate in terms of  time of extraction, filtration, the degree of grinding of coffee, and the temperature of the water, so that we extract the best flavor out of coffee and enjoy the cup prepared in the smart Cleaver tool.  One of the basics of coffee preparation is the equation of the ratio which is important so that the extraction of coffee is perfect, in order to know the calculation of the ratio Click here.

 Coffee can be prepared with the Cleaver tool at home; all you need is the tools necessary for the coffee preparation process. The electronic scale may help you in the preparation process; also the coffee used may vary in flavor from one type to another. And the type of coffee and its processing differ in flavor from one type to another. Your choice of high-quality coffee may give you the best results in preparation. A specialty coffee is coffee that has received a rating of (80 or more) from the Specialty Coffee Association, from 80 to 85 is considered good, and from 85 to 90 is considered very good and from 90 to 100 excellent. Even if the rating is less than 80 it is not a competent coffee.

Clever tool price

Cleaver is one of the new tools in the world of coffee, modern style and easy to use that gives you a new lifestyle in making wonderful coffee and the finest taste for types of coffee. The price of one funnel ranges from 90 Riyals to 100 Saudi Riyals.


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