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coffee storage

Good storage of coffee beans is one of the most important ways of keeping coffee with all its properties and its pleasant aroma. There are four basic factors that affect the storage of coffee negatively, and in order to avoid them you have to store coffee beans well. Thes factors are namely: light, heat, humidity and air. The impact of those factors on coffee beans will be detailed in the following:

Store coffee away from light and heat

Coffee should be kept away from light and heat which are considered among the factors affecting the quality of coffee beans. When coffee beans are exposed to light and heat the oxidation process occurs and oxygen gas reacts with light and heat as a result, coffee beans may lose their properties, and coffee oils may come out and when prepared you may be surprised that the flavor of coffee has changed. The ideal temperature for storing coffee is below 30 °C to 20 °C.

Store coffee away from light

Store coffee away from moisture

Humidity may spoil the stored coffee beans, or in a much better case, coffee beans may lose their aromatic chemicals when exposed to moisture, and in a worse case, they rot and damage and in that case, they should be disposed and cannot be utilized. So coffee beans should be kept away from moisture in a dry and cool place.

Storage away from air

The air leads to the volatilization of chemicals in the coffee beans, when the surface of coffee bean is exposed, that makes it more likely to more oxidation processes, and thus the coffee loses its taste and the flavor of the coffee changes.  Therefore, the coffee beans must be kept away from any air source until they are well stored, and you may sometimes find coffee beans kept inside a bag with an air valve to extract the indoor air and not let air inside in order to preserve the distinctive smell and flavor of coffee.

Storage away from air

Good coffee storage

If the coffee is saved correctly, it can actually remain for a long time after the expiration date written on the bag, especially if it is not opened. And for a better protect the flavor of your coffee; keep it in an airtight container in a cool, dark and moisture-free place. That’s because the correct storage of coffee is one of the most important basics in its preparation, especially for those who have large amounts of coffee beans such as in commercial places for making coffee as it causes a great damage for them if not stored well. So, it is elemental to store coffee well in all cases either commercially or at home so that you could enjoy a unique taste of coffee. For more information about filtered coffee preparation  click here.


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