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قهوة الاسبريسو وتحضيرها

(Espresso) an Italian word that means (fresh Italian coffee), that is, the name stems from the quality of the specialized coffee beans prepared from it.  Espresso coffee drink consists of a little boiling water with concentrated ground coffee beans, which makes it of a coherent and thick texture compared to other types of coffee. “Espresso” is one of the hot drinks, and is characterized by a complex taste and strong flavor, and because “espresso” is mainly for milk drinks, that is, milk is an addition to it, the flavor of espresso is concentrated and dark, and in terms of classification, it is considered from the original Italian coffee.

Types of espresso coffee

What is the best type of espresso? The answer according to the World Definition of the types of the world of coffee “espresso” is divided into three famous different sections and you can prepare them as you desire only you need to focus on using the correct ratio equation in each recipe and for each type.  And these are recipes of Italian origin type:

First: The word (Ristrett) is an Italian word and it is pronounced (Ristrettto), and it means in English (Restrict). The meaning inspires that it is a small which is for every 1 gram of coffee 1 gram of water and the ratio is 1:1

Second: (Regular) is pronounced (Rigler) and it means (traditional or usual), which is for every 1 gram coffee 2 grams water ratio 2:1

Third: (Lungo) is a word of Italian origin and it is pronounced (long) and it means (long), this name gives us a hint of the volume and quantity of water: that is, for every 1 gram of coffee 3 grams of water ratio 3:1

Each of these types comes with three classifications:

  • Single shot, meaning “single dose”:  7 grams of coffee, which is the lowest rated in quantity.
  • Double shot, meaning two doses:  14 grams of coffee.
  • ·         (Triple shot) – means (three doses): 21 grams of coffee.

The basics of preparing espresso coffee

The barista is the one who controls the production, manufacture and preparation of espresso coffee, because he observes and follows with his unique experience all the main variables and transformations that accompany the preparation of this coffee in an espresso machine, and the best way to prepare an espresso coffee is by following  and these basics summarized as below:

1. Proper grinding

The degree of grinding of coffee beans used in the preparation of espresso coffee is soft and the grind should be consistent and without lumps; to ensure a perfect extraction of “espresso”.  Each of the basic points depends on each other, because if the grinding is inconsistent, water goes down incorrectly. So, when choosing a grind, you need to look for a quality grind.

Proper grinding

2. Distribute and compress the coffee in the filter basket

Distributing coffee and pressing on it by the tamper plays a great role in the preparation of a unique espresso coffee; increasing or decreasing the pressure on the amount of coffee leads to a change in the flavor ratio. And due to the reduction or increase of the extraction time, this process determines the amount of hot water that passes into the valve handle (filter basket) and the appropriate way to press globally is 15 kg is done by the tamper, which is specially designed for this step in coffee. Besides, the pressure must be flat and not inclined; if the pressure is inclined the extraction is incorrect.

Distribute and compress the coffee

3. Temperature of coffee extraction water:

This step is not less important than the previous step in the preparation of a successful espresso, that’s because measuring the appropriate temperature of the water which is normally from:  92 to 95 °C ultimately results from a distinct extraction in coffee and espresso types. Any increase or decrease leads to an imbalance in the extraction, either by increasing distillation or concentration or vice versa. Here comes the role of “barista” in determining the temperature of the water flowing from the machine through the filter basket.

Temperature of coffee extraction water

4. Flow rate (under bar pressure) 9 bar in espresso

The optimal time to complete the preparation of a cup of espresso coffee is between 25 to 35 seconds, and it is based on the capacity and quality of the machine. The ideal pressure is 9 bar for a distinct extraction of the espresso machine, and the final shape of the coffee comes with a gold-colored cream layer with a prominent taste and flavor.

9 bar in espresso

What is the best way to make espresso?

These four basics are very important in the work and preparation of the drink “espresso” which is the basis of milk drinks such as cappuccino or mocha or any latte. Milk drinks consist of “espresso” and evaporated milk, the extraction of “espresso” must be successful and distinct for each cup and cup of coffee. The highest quality coffee beans are offered to make a distinctive espresso coffee; unlike low-quality coffee beans.

What are the benefits of drinking espresso?

The answer is that espresso drinks have a more flavor and taste which is stronger and thicker than milk drinks such as cappuccino. Caffeine is one of the chemicals that provide more energy; each cup of espresso contains at least 60 mg of caffeine. The maximum recommended by the Ministry of Health is 400 mg of caffeine per day, equivalent to 4 cups of black American coffee. Coffee has lots of benefits for the human body unless you drink too much.


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