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Coffee lovers looking for a distinctive taste seek to acquire various tools and equipment that enable them to prepare their coffee at home and enjoy its flavor the way they like. Most of them create the so-called home coffee corner. Espresso machines are one of the most important holdings of your home coffee corner. In your search for the best espresso machines, you must have heard about the famous company La Marzocco, one of the most famous and prestigious companies in the field of manufacturing these machines.

Together we have a quick glimpse on La Marzoco and its long history, and how it has become one of the most important brands in this field.

La Marzoco Company is a story of the rise

La Marzoco Company is a story of the rise

Start & Rise

La Marzocco was founded in 1927 by brothers Josep and Bruno Bambi. The start of this company was in Florence, Italy, which was considered the capital of the Italian scientific renaissance and home of industry and geniuses in the country.

La Marzoco has gained its global reputation through its manufacture of its high quality, beautiful, distinctive design espresso machines, and because of the company’s attention from its beginnings to the smallest important details in the manufacture of espresso machines.

La Marzoco Leap in Leadership of Espresso Machines

In 1939, the company made an important leap in the field of espresso machinery industry by obtaining the patent for the first coffee machine with a horizontal kettle, which is now an important industry standard.

This invention was the breakthrough of a series of successive innovations that helped develop espresso machines to the form we know today and equipped with a double boiler with an integrated fermentation set.

Distinctive espresso machines.. Quality Assurance

Distinctive espresso machines

Both classic style and Italian-themed design, and aspire to maximum quality and credibility has always been among the most important factors for La Marzoco’s success throughout its career. Until today, it works through experts and specialists working in the company to ensure that all production processes for each espresso machine are conducted perfectly so as to make sure that it maintains the quality of its products and the value of its brand in the market of manufacturing espresso machines.

La Marcozzo’s espresso machines are characterized by precise and manual manufacturing stages that enable experts to pay attention to the smallest details during the different stages of production.

The heritage of La Marzoco and espresso machines

La Marzocco is proud of its heritage and influence in the emergence and development of espresso machines, it is also proud of its founder, Josep Bambi, who is considered the godfather of the industry. Through his talent and craft experience, he was able to produce the first fully handmade espresso machine in 1939 after the first patent he registered to his name.

Even today, the influence of Josep Bambi’s innovations remains effective and has the greatest impact on the evolution of espresso machines into the form we know today. Although many previous attempts have had a significant impact on the manufacture of these machines, all of those attempts were made by a group of craftsmen including Josep who decided later to create his own small workshop and start manufacturing and innovating.

From this small workshop, one of the most important manufacturers of espresso machines in the world was launched, which today produces the most beautiful designs suitable for various uses, including the appropriate designs to prepare your home coffee corner and even the appropriate designs for cafeterias, bars and restaurants.

The development of the espresso machinery industry

The development of the espresso machinery industry

La Marzocco is the world’s first manufacturer of espresso machines as it is directly in charge of the development of these machines and their being in the shape and technology we know today. Through the first patent registered by Josep Bambi in 1939, the company was able to manufacture the first coffee machine with a horizontal kettle. It was followed by a patent in 1945 that was as a kiss of life for La Marzoco to start over after suffering from a shortage of resources and raw materials and the economic recession that resulted from World War II.

After the company re-emerged through its successive innovations by its godfather, Josep Bambi, the espresso machines were able to get their new shape equipped with two preparation heads, drip filters, steam condensation boilers and other equipment before it finally reaches the machine we know today.

Over the past years, La Marzocco has launched a lot of developments on espresso machines, most notably KB90 in 2019, which has seen revolutionary innovations the like of which industry has never seen. In October of the same year, the company also presented the Academia del Caffè Espresso project, which was located in the company’s old building in Florence. The project aims at being an educational and informative center in the field of espresso coffee industry and its preparation machines, and part of the global coffee community towards a better, more sustainable and distinctive future.

Therefore, most coffee lovers and those with a cultural background in the history of La Marzoco seek to acquire one of the machines of this company that suits their requirements. Some of them want to buy a distinctive design that suits the home coffee corner while others want to buy a machine suitable for businesses such as cafes and others.


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