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French press, is a tool of pressing coffee, consists of a glass cup surrounded by a structure from the inside, equipped with a mesh filter that keeps the ground coffee particles in the bottom of the jug for you to enjoy the flavors, inspiration and delicious oils extracted from coffee. The “French Press” is one of the simple easy tools in the process of preparing coffee, and it comes in different sizes, according to your need and to the amount of coffee you want to prepare. Preparing coffee with the French Press tool is not as difficult as you expect and coffee can be prepared at home or in commercial places for coffee.

We will mention the recipe for preparing coffee with the Franch-Press tool in the following:

Recipe for the preparation of coffee “French Press”

  • 20 g coffee
  • Coarse grinding
  • Time 4 minutes
  • Water temperature: 95 °C
  • Ratio 1:15


Weigh 20 grams of coffee and grind it to a coarse grade, put some hot water in the “French Press” to heat a little before use, then pour it and add the coffee in the “French Press”, then put 300 ml of water evenly until the whole amount of coffee is saturated, then set the stopwatch immediately for 4 minutes completely, finally, press and here the coffee preparation process ends.

French Press

One of the basics of coffee preparation is the ratio equation and it is important so that the extraction of coffee is perfect. To know the calculation of the ratio click here

You can prepare coffee with the French Press tool wherever you want, all you need is: a manual grinder, a water thermometer and the tool. The texture of the coffee prepared with this tool is strong because of the lack of filtering coffee, instead, only the grounded coffee goes down to the bottom of the tool, and the flavor is stronger than other tools such as chemex and V60, and you can find out the way of  preparing of coffee using other tools in the main blog.


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