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How to prepare cold coffee

Many people prefer cold coffee drinks, which are not different from hot drinks as to the amount of caffeine. The difference lie in some additives to coffee and these types of coffee are served cold and have their own taste, and even in the way of preparation both hot and cold coffee are the same, they only  differ in the temperature of the added water or the amount of ice added. The most famous of these drinks:

Cold Pro cold coffee

 How to prepare cold coffee Cold Pro cold coffee

(Cold Brew) It means (cold drink), is a coffee soaked in cold water for 12-24 hours and may reach 48 hours of soaking, then the process of filtering the soaked ground coffee beans, and that process gives a strong concentration to the taste of coffee and can be diluted after that according to personal taste with water. This drink is characterized by its taste, softness and low acidity,  and is served cold and ice is added to it.

Cold Pro Preparation Recipe

  • 40 g coffee
  • Medium grinding
  • Water temperature 30
  • Ratio 1:10
  • Time 12 to 24 hours


In an airtight container, place the ground coffee inside the bowl, then pour water up to 400 ml and close the pot at room temperature from 12 to 24 hours, and then filter the coffee soaked in water with a paper filter in another bowl, after which add a quantity of ice and pour it into the cup.

Ice Drip

(Ice Drip) means (cold distillation),and  is a filtration of coffee with hot water using any  filter tool but ice is placed in the extraction bowl, and it is worth mentioning that it has its own taste as some prefer it to hot. In the extraction equation must calculate the amount of ice added in the extraction so that the filtration is ideal for coffee, and to know the preparation of the filtered coffee click here.

Recipe for the preparation of ” Ice Drip”

  • Tool “V60”
  • 20g coffee
  • Medium grinding
  • Water temperature 90°C
  • Time 3 minutes
  • Ratio 1:15


Weigh 20 grams of coffee and grind it to a medium degree, put the special filter “V60” then add some hot water on the V60 tool to wash the filter, then pour it, add put 100 ml of ice in the filtration bowl, then put the ground coffee on top of the filter, after that moisturize by pouring 44 ml of water for 30 seconds evenly, then pour water up to 156 ml slowly until the extraction process is over for 3 minutes

In some crops you may have to raise the water temperature to 93 °C, the reason is because the amount of water in the extraction is very little.

“Ice Americano” cold coffee

Ice Americano

Ice Americano is a coffee similar to hot  Americano coffee, but the difference is that Ice Americano is a cold coffee, and it  is two doses of traditional espresso to which  a quantity of cold water and ice is added.

Recipe for the preparation of “Ice Americano”

  • 20 gcoffee
  • Espresso ratio 2:1
  • Water ratio 4:1
  • Ice 80 ml


Weigh and grind 20 g of coffee with a soft degree, extract “Espresso” 40 ml for 30 seconds, add ice 80 ml and cold water 80 ml to the prepared espresso cup, espresso extraction should be ideal so that the flavor of the coffee cup is balanced and the acidity or bitterness is not high.

Preparing cold coffee is not as difficult as you expect, but it must be prepared professionally so that the flavor of the coffee is prominent and the amount of water is not too much and may lose the taste and flavor of coffee, and now that we know how to prepare cold coffee you can prepare it at home with ease.


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