Method of preparation filtered coffee

طريقة تقطير القهوة

The methods of preparing coffee vary all over the world but the best types of methods of preparing the filtered coffee are by using those roasted beans for a period not exceeding six months to a year, stored well and in good storage conditions, so as not to lose their properties and distinctiveness, and are ground before preparing the coffee, or they will lose their properties and distinctive taste. Moreover, the preparation of the filtered coffee requires accuracy in the weight of the coffee, the temperature of the water and the type of tool used in the Preparation, and finally the preparation equation shows us how the extraction is ideal for coffee:

Ratio Equation

(Ratio) and is means proportion, and expresses the relationship between the amounts of two quantities.

Before we mention the methods of preparing the filtered coffee, it is necessary to say that the equation of the ratio that must be calculated before any filtration or distillation and so that the filter of the coffee is correct.  This ratio helps you to stabilize the flavor of coffee, and extract the best of coffee from the soluble chemicals. The ratio is not constant but each coffee preparation tool has a certain percentage of water for filtration.

Where the ratio is: the equation of coffee to water, that is how much water do we put to each (gram) of coffee?

Method of preparation of filtered coffee

Preparation of filtered coffee

The preparation of filtered coffee requires an equation and basics to prepare it. These basics include:

  • Each type of coffee in the filtration has a certain temperature; starting from 88 °C up to 95 °C, based on the type of coffee and the appropriate temperature for it. The difference may be slight and can be determined by the connoisseur of the coffee.
  • Ratio equation (how much water we add to each “gram” of coffee).
  • Start moisturizing and the hydration equation is: 1g coffee per 2ml water, Equation 1:2
  • Time is very important in the extraction process, as each filtering tool has a specific time.

There are many tools for filtering or distilling coffee, the most famous of them all are:

If you want to know how to prepare coffee with these tools just click on the name of the tool.  Each of these tools has its own taste in coffee, and it is one of the most famous tools used in the preparation of coffee.

Why do we use the ratio equation in coffee?

To answer this question you need first to know that from each coffee bean you can extract or dissolve 30% of this bean and the rest 70% are solids that cannot be extracted, but when the 30% of this bean is extracted, the flavor of coffee and its taste is unpalatable.

That’s because chemicals that we don’t want to extract (like acids or other chemicals inside the coffee bean) have been extracted, the best solubility per grain is between 18% and about 22%, and that’s why the ratio equation is used in coffee.

Consistency in preparation

Consistency in preparation

Mostly when you buy any type of coffee beans and you want to make a cup of coffee from it, you use the equation while preparing it. If you dislike the cup of coffee you may have to change the ratio of the equation until you find the best percentage for this crop.  Then you can save this percentage for this crop and always stick to the preparation with the same flavor.

Coffee prepared by the ratio equation is always a professionally prepared coffee and its flavor is at a constant level for any crop so that you enjoy the coffee and its wonderful flavor.  Now you can try preparing coffee using this equation.


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