Oscar Machine Review

مراجعة مكينة اوسكار للقهوة

Nuova Simonelli is the smart people’s option , proving that Italy is not only the country on the throne of the best coffees, but also the country that exports the best coffee machines to the whole world through that company’s global brand, the modified Nova Simonelli Oscar II machine for a better experience for specialty coffee connoisseurs, Oscar II is a professional espresso coffee machine that fits all the requirements for home use  for a better  taste of  espresso coffee  and it is also perfect  for  milk steaming for good milk drinks and professional use. Here’s an Oscar machine review.

Oscar Machine characteristics:

 It’s the regular Nova Simonelli Oscar 2 but with the OPV overpressure valve. The advantage of the professional kit is that you can adjust the boiler pressure for optimal extraction, the pressure has been adjusted to be 9 bar instead of the 15 bar available in the standard machine, so it is recommended to use the professional kit for all coffee makers, and for those who keep the machine working all the time, either at home or at work.

Machine Specifications

One of the most important specifications of the Oscar machine is that it comes with a kettle with a heat exchanger, Oscar 2 is characterized by the ability to evaporate milk and extract cups of coffee at the same time in a mechanical simplicity, in addition to a sensor for the water tank, the espresso machine has a buoy inside the tank to alert you when the water level is low, when the light flashes, it means that the sensor of the machine has sensed the low level of water in the tank and that it needs to be filled.

Oscar Machine

Touch Programming

The volumetric control programming trait allows you to control the amount of drink by programming the single and double cup keys to prepare the desired amount of espresso. All you have to do is simply program the amount you want and then press the key and the machine will do the rest.

A Four-hole steaming stick

The stainless steel movable evaporative stick with 4 holes has commercial quality and ensures an improved evaporation experience. Want to have tea? Oscar 2 includes a hot water dispenser as well.

A Professional Mobile Filter

Just like the original version, Oscar 2 is distinguishable for its including a 58mm mobile filter for intensive commercial use. Coming with single and double cup baskets, the portable filter is essential for the preparation of a high-quality espresso, as well as a cup heater, the top-mounted cup heater helps you prepare your cups and heat them to the ideal temperature in order to preserve the flavor of the espresso cups.

Oscar Machine Design

Oscar Machine Design

Even though the Oscar 2 machine has fully commercial components, it is compact. And because it fits seamlessly into all kitchen surfaces, this beautiful machine will inevitably capture hearts.

Machine durability

Manufactured in Italy from the finest 304-type stainless steel for intensive and polished use, Nova Simonelli’s espresso machines are made to last and endure.

Distinctive ergonomic design

Nova Simonelli has put an effort in making the design of the new Oscar 2 machine comfortable. The mobile filter has an inclined handle so that the preparation basket sits flat on the tables for pressing. It also has a prominent evaporative key that is easy to find by touch.

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