Rocket Apartamento Review

مراجعة لمكينة روكيت

The rocket espresso appartamento is one of the most famous home coffee machines for preparing espresso making the coolest cup of espresso and does not take up much space in the coffee corner.  It’s the Rocket Appartemento, it features compact size, durable chassis, superior quality as well as many  traits that make it the best choice for coffee lovers who want to make the best espresso at home in a small appliance. The evaporation performance and head of the E61 range ensure that you get a great cup of espresso. (Rocket Apartamento Review)

Machine Specifications

The type of boiler in the machine

Copper Kettle with 1.8L Heat Exchanger – All Espresso Rocket machines features a copper kettle with a heat exchanger that allows the user to prepare a dose of espresso and evaporate milk at the same time. It was designed to prepare consistently each time throughout the day.

Group Head E61

E-61 Group Head – within the traditional E61 preparation group, hot water is constantly circulating between the boiler and the drink set to ensure the appropriate preparation temperature. Rocket machine includes a dual pre-leak system in their E61 machine, which consists of a cell and a mechanical piston for work, to help extract and ensure that the ground coffee is fully saturated when preparing.

Pump Type

Vibratory pump – Durable, stable and economical vibratory pumps are among the most common pumps found in home espresso devices. The only downside is the noise level. However, the quality of espresso prepared by this machine is superior to that by rotary pumps.

Water tank capacity

Removable Water Tank with a Capacity of 2.5 Liters. The Espresso Apartment machine cannot be connected to a direct water line, but comes with a large removable water tank with a capacity of 2.5 liters.

Rocket Appartamento Machine Design

Compact Design, Rocket Company has just one thing in mind when designing Appartmento: compact size without sacrificing quality. Compared to other Rocket models, the Apartmento is slimmer.

Dimensions, 27 cm wide × 43 cm deep × 36 cm high including the frame of the cups surrounding the machine. It is Ideal for anyone with low hanging cabinets or limited counter space. Rocket Apartment will look amazing in your coffee corner and takes not unnecessary space.

Anti-burning fumigation stick, the two-wall evaporation stick is made to reduce the temperature with the surface in contact with the milk to prevent it from burning while steaming for a perfect result. The name may sound a bit reassuring but we advise you to be careful not to touch the steaming stick immediately after preparing the coffee as it will remain hot for some time.

Boiler pressure gauge, this gauge is located at the front of the machine so you can check the pressure of the boilers during use.

Rocket Apartamento Review

Features of the Rocket Appartamento machine

It features a stainless steel structure and side panels of copper or white colored. This machine will be a unique piece in your coffee corner, and preparing espresso with it is very wonderful and easy.  It has a boiler pressure gauge unlike other machines, for coffee preparation, it helps you to reach a better cup of coffee.

Manufacturer of the machine

Rocket is the most famous espresso maker company in the world of coffee,  it has been able to move up  into the world of coffee preparation at rocket speed as the meaning of its name in Arabic suggests, it offers a set of machines that are not only characterized by the quality of their manufacture and their great potential, but also by the fact that the machines that it makes  are not based on a specific idea, each coffee machine has a specific idea in its operation, so that each coffee machine suits the conditions in which it is used.


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