Siphon tool and method of preparation

تحضير اداة السايفون

Siphon coffee magician, a traditional coffee making tool, coffee charmers contain two bottom ball chambers where water is often heated using flame, and an upper chamber where water mixes with ground coffee, and connects to the upper chamber an absorption tube that extends almost to the bottom of the bottom ball when installed, and the rubber stopper creates an insulating dam around the tube and the hole of the ball; to ensure that the steam pressure and evaporation are contained, the idea of the basic coffee magician is that the final stage of coffee preparation, which is what is released On it the clouds, it relies on a partial vacuum technique created by the lower preparation chamber to absorb the coffee prepared down through the filter.

Recipe for preparing coffee with Siphon tool

  • 21 g coffee
  • Water temperature 95 ° C
  • coarse grinding
  • Equation ratio 14:1


First put hot water up to 300 ml in the bottom bowl of the “Saiphon” tool, turn on the stove and place the bottom bowl above the flame and wait for the water to boil, then insert the top bowl into the bottom bowl after installing the fabric filter in the upper bowl, as soon as the water in the upper bowl rises up from the middle add coffee until immersed in water, gently move the coffee counterclockwise, then wait for 30 seconds, remove the siphon bowl from the heat source, the coffee should withdraw In the bottom bowl within 30 to 90 seconds and here the preparation process ends.\

Tips in preparation

One of the basics of coffee preparation is the ratio equation in the preparation and it is important so that the extraction of coffee is perfect, to know the calculation of the ratio click here

Coffee can be prepared with psiphon tool and with ease at home, all you have to do is provide the necessary tools for preparation, and that coffee prepared by the method of withdrawal in the psiphon gives clarity to the flavor of coffee with a light texture, and this is what distinguishes the siphon tool,

For example, the texture in the French Press tool is strong for not filtering coffee, while in the psiphon tool the coffee filtering is stronger and therefore gives the coffee a clarity of flavor and a lighter texture, and you can know the preparation of coffee with other tools such as chemex and V60 tool in the main blog.


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