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القهوة المختصة وأماكن زراعتها

Specialty coffee is a term stands for the best and finest types of coffee, the quality of coffee beans as a start, then the method of processing and roasting their grains, the way of grinding and storing them, and finally preparing them.  All of the above is essential for each other to provide coffee in every size; even the places of coffee cultivation are in special climates and under an ideal measure for this purpose. Specialty coffee can be distinguished in its rich taste with no defects or the least of them if found. It is prepared by various accurate methods and ways depending on the weight of the grains and the amount of water for extracting the best of the coffee grain and also the right time for each preparation and the water temperature in the specialty coffee are very important.

Competent Coffee Rating

There is also an evaluation of both type and quality of specialized coffee bean crops and it is evaluated by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), and so the evaluation of this is out of 100 points, if the specialty coffee gets a rating of 80 or more it is a specialized coffee, from 80 to 85 is considered good, from 85 to 90 is very good, from 90 to 100 excellent, but if the rating of coffee is below 80 degrees, then it is not a specialized coffee. The evaluation of coffee beans depends on the type of coffee strains, the method of its cultivation, on what height the coffee tree is planted, and also on the type of processing used after harvesting coffee cherry, and then comes the process of cupping cup for coffee, so that it is tasted by the taste experts of the coffee and evaluated and is it a specialty coffee or not, and you can know the types of processing of specialized coffee by clicking here.

Competent Coffee Rating Specialty Coffee

Specialty coffee prices

That specialty coffee is that highly rated coffee, of a high quality in general and certainly its price is higher than the grains that are low evaluated. The taste of them alone is enough to reveal the difference between them, you will find that the competent coffee is not expensive for nothing and surely it deserves to be called specialized coffee as it provides a wonderful cup of coffee.

Types of universally used specialty coffee:

According to the International Coffee Organization (ICO) for specialized quality, the number of all coffee crops used globally in competent coffee can be divided according to two basic types: Arabica and Robusta, and the main difference between them lies in the taste, places of cultivation and the amount of caffeine. 70% of the production of globally competent coffee is from Arbecca, while 30% is from Robusta, and the percentage of caffeine in Arabica after roasting contains less than 2%, while the Robusta contains 4% or more of caffeine.  It is worth mentioning that Arbecca is often more expensive than Robusta, most of the breeds of Arbecca are grown at high altitudes until the ripening of coffee cherries and the flavors in varieties in coffee beans are well developed, while for Robusta its cultivation begins at 600 meters above sea level and up to 1800 meters, in the case of specialized coffee.

Planting a coffee tree

The coffee tree is an evergreen tree, it reaches (6) to (10) meter tall in natural conditions if left without pruning or dwarfing, the common thing here is that pruning the tree in order to facilitate the process of harvesting fruits, this tree blooms in the spring and its white flowers have a fragrant smell, each flower gives a fruit consisting of two opposite grains, and its fruits are in the form of clusters of bright red fruits, which become dark when ripe. The average age of the tree (coffee) or to move the coffee tree between 30 to 40 years, however, the peak of its productive maturity is between 7 to 20 years, and the coffee tree needs 3-5 years to grow up and be ready to produce fruits. And the coffee crops are grown at altitudes of 1800m above sea level, and this makes the standards of coffee trees sensitive to high and low temperatures, which produces a variety of products and types of coffee. Thus, lovers of specialty coffee in the world find it suitable with their tools to prepare hot coffee to make their mood carefully.

Planting a coffee tree

Where to plant a coffee tree?

The cultivation of coffee is basically spread all over about fifty countries within the group of regions located in the middle of the globe, and the scope of this spread is called (coffee belt). Arabica is grown in Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, South and Central America, while Robusta is grown in Vietnam, Thailand, Guinea and West African countries.

Lovers of specialty coffee and cafes

A majority of specialized coffee lovers prefer to prepare a cup of specialized coffee at home, and some more prefer drinking it in cafes, and there is a description and quick presentation in the world of specialty coffee and in a specialized store for making coffee. Many stores sell tools to make espresso and some of them sell specialized coffee packages and cups either ceramic or paper suggested for your coffee and mood. Many people relied in making coffee on a household machine and others enjoyed providing the necessary crops and the most and highest filtration served in coffee bags which are either Cannes Ethiopian or Colombian, until the elegant distilled coffee method has become one of the most common tools in the world, and there are envelopes of dried coffee come with main and best-selling products in the world of specialty coffee.  After preparing and filtering them in a cup it is served hot and anywhere. The difference in results and coffee making tools at least different time.


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